The once magnificent 6th Century Basilica is now in ruins having suffered at the hands of attackers, succumbed to pillaging and withstood earthquakes but its significance remains great. The Apostle John travelled from Jerusalem to Ephesus and is said to have spent his remaining years there with his tomb located under the Basilica marked by a marble slab at the site. It is believed that he wrote his gospel on Ayasuluk Hill upon which the Basilica is located and brought Mary, the Mother of Jesus to Ephesus. Although the church is in ruins it is still possible to visualise how the Basilica would have once stood and the views from the Basilica are stunning.

Things to do in Ephesus and Selcuk tip: Isa Bey mosque, St John’s Basilica and Ayasuluk Fortress are close together so combine a visit to the three.