Dilek Peninsula Grand Menderes Delta National Park; the botanical garden, which has no precedent in the world, on the one hand, where almost all plants spread ingress from the Mediterranean to the Caucasus are naturally seen together, a natural land area with birds of prey and wild animals, and the underwater area surrounding it It is a delta with rich fish varieties and a natural wonder with historical and cultural riches that surround splendidly, and on the other hand, it contains hundreds of bird species. The National Park, which has an area of 27,598 hectares within the borders of Aydın Province, is located in kusadasi, Söke and Didim districts. 10,908 hectares of this area belong to Dilek Peninsula, which was declared a National Park in 1966. The Great Menderes Delta, adjacent to the south of the peninsula, was incorporated into the National Park in 1994; It is 16,690 hectares in size. And if you’re lucky, you might run into pigs. -Note: Don’t be afraid they’re very harmless 🙂 –